5 Tools For Student Entrepreneurs

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It’s a challenge to stay on the top of everything. So much to do, yet so little time. When you feel like you have endless tasks, add ons and distractions, there are tools and services that can help you balancing your life between work, school, family life and fun. To keep your focus on the things that really matter we have gathered some of the tools that might boost your efficiency and success.


Trello is a project management application that allows you to get organized on your daily tasks. On the board you can create different cards. And inside the card you can create different tasks, add comments and upload files. And when those tasks are done you can simply mark it done.

Trello is so versatile, you can use it to so many things, To organize you projects, updated your school work, working on your website and so much more.


Google drive

Google drive is a very good tool for users to upload their files to the cloud safely. You can edit and share the document with changes being automatically saved.  The best thing about Google Drive is that it gives 15 gigabytes of free storage to entrepreneurs to use!



Dropbox is a place for storage and backups. Never lose any of your files again when you save them to the cloud. You can share files and folders with other people and unshare them when no longer needed. Dropbox is accessible from anywhere and on any device.



If you are tired of carrying paper material everywhere, Evernote is a tool for you. Forget the paper chaos, use Evernote where all your memos, plans, task lists, ideas, photos and inspirations are all in one place.  



Does your blog or Facebook need a picture? With this amazing tool you can design your own artwork! Canva has a library, where you can find millions of pictures, fonts and graphics to use. Canva uses drag-and-drop format, so it is easy to use.



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