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Innovation and success attract even more innovation and success! The Finnish startup scene has experienced a significant boom over the past decade and it just keeps on accelerating. In 2016 Finland was announced the 2nd most innovative country in the world by the World Economic Forum and in 2018 the startup ecosystem of Helsinki was recognised by The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 as one of the most thriving startup scenes in the world.

One of the most recognised and influential people of the Finnish startup industry is Peter Vesterbacka, also formerly known as the Mighty Eagle of Rovio. For more than 20 years Peter has actively participated in building the startup ecosystem we know today and gained extensive experience of innovating, establishing and branding startups and concepts. He has also been named by Time Magazine on the list of the 100 most influential people on the planet.

During the first intensive week of the Cambridge Venture Camp, our participants will be guided and mentored by Peter himself! Peter is one of our guest speakers during the Helsinki week and he’ll be there to share expert knowledge and tips for our future entrepreneurs. We’re super excited to have him there with us and hoping that you’ll be able to catch some of his determination and passion for the industry.

Here are some examples of Finnish companies, which have made their way from small scale startups to successful businesses. If you have a good business idea, you’re already halfway there! Just keep building on it, success could be right around the corner.

Rovio Entertainment
– Famous for having developed its mobile and computer game Angry Birds.
– Established by 3 engineer students who won the “Assembly Demo Party” competition sponsored by Nokia and HP in 2003.
– The first product was The King of the Cabbage World that was marketed as the first multi-player mobile game in the world.

– Developed a system for easy-to-use digital bonus and regular customer cards with a high loyalty level. Cards are used digitally through customers’ mobile devices.
– More than 1 million Finnish customers, and applications are used in more than 50 countries. Has operated since 2009.
– Well-known clients in Finland are e.g. RAY, Lääkäriliitto and Pentik.

– Sells mobile and laptop devices using Sailfish OS operating system.
– Started by presenting its products at the startup event Slush in Helsinki in 2012.
– The staff mainly consists of former Nokia employees.
– Received the Millenniums Distinction Awards -prize in 2013.

– Service through wich the customers get refund for their online shopping at e.g., Sokos or Zalando.
– Won an 75 ooo € investment prize in the first season of the TV series Leijonan luola (Dragons Den).
– Now more than 300 000 Finnish regular userts of the service.

– Offers home delivery services for restaurant food from more than 2 000 restaurants.
– Besides Finland, it operates internationally in e.g. Poland, Israel and Hungary.
– Was establish in 2014 and has been expanding rapidly.

All of these Finnish companies have started from somewhere. If you want to make a leap of faith and start developing Your business idea, don’t hesitate to join us! The Cambridge Venture Camp is an excellent opportunity for you to improve and accelerate your business idea and learn more about establishing a successful startup company. Who knows, maybe your idea is the next success story the world is already waiting for.

You’ve still got three days left to apply for the program, the application closes on Sunday evening February 3rd. We’re already looking forward to hearing from you, read more and apply here!

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