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Hello there curious mind!

Welcome to the blog by Cambridge Venture Camp -team. In this site, we will share lots of useful tips and tricks for student entrepreneurs to enjoy!

But what is that Cambridge Venture Camp?

Cambridge Venture camp or CVC, as friends call it, is a 2-week accelerator camp for students with business ideas. In this camp, the attendees have a chance to workshop with high-level entrepreneurs, mentors and get connected to the real entrepreneurial ecosystem in Helsinki and in Cambridge. Pack your backs, get your business idea ready and apply January 14th! The camp and the trip to Cambridge are free for the selected applicants. 😉

Cambridge Venture Camp was first organized in Laurea 2007, by a teacher that wanted the students to develop their business ideas. You can actually still read the blog that the student wrote while they were in there; here.

The camp was a success and spawned lots of awesome things like the event concept Entrepreneurship Tuesday in 2008 and later Laurea Entrepreneurship Society that was created to host one of the oldest entrepreneurial student community in Finland. LaureaES developed the concept even further during the following 10 years and established the trusted brand; entrepreneurship; from students to students. The followed impact has been huge, enabling students to become more successful entrepreneurs and starting real businesses.

In 2018 CVC was first time organized in collaboration with 3AMK schools, Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia and in 2019 the Cambridge Venture Camp will be organized again, and this time with an even bigger team than before; the team has students from all 3 Universities of applied sciences. In order, the eleventh Cambridge Venture Camp will be taking place in March and April of spring 2019 and you will have a chance to apply in January! Cambridge Venture camp is a once in a lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss.

The application period opens the 14th of January, so what are you still waiting for? Go get a business idea!

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